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Mirna Nekretnine (the company that owns I Sassi Bianchi Villas) was founded in 2005 by Paolo and Mirna Giordano with the love that they discovered for the Croatian coastline and a vision to develop a few properties immersed in this natural beauty.

Paolo - who was born and raised in Genova, Italy - and Mirna - who is originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia - met in the late 90s in the USA.  They have been living in New York City since 2002 and since 2006 are the happy parents of Marco and Maya: their twin kids.

The idea to acquire and develop a property in Croatia was born in 2002 when Paolo and Mirna married.  They decided to get married in Dubrovnik as a city conveniently located close to both their original home countries and discovered at the time a scarcity of quality properties to match the beauty of the Croatian coastline.

The idea to develop their own property was hence born.  After acquiring a site, home to an ancient rural settlement by the sea just north of Cavtat and after several years of work with Croatian authorities, local architects and local craftsmen the first two houses of the property were completed in 2012.  The idea of a third house is still under development.

Our goal has been to develop the holiday house of our dreams for the enjoyment of our family, our friends and other people who believe like us that there can be luxury in simplicity and natural beauty, that a well built house with quality finish and modern amenities should be beautiful and in harmony with the nature that surrounds it and the sea it overlooks

…if you feel the same way, drop us a line.  We’ll be happy to have you as our guest!

Marco and Maya - our twin kids - playing along one of the paths in front of our houses

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